Take a moment in the morning:

CBD works with your endocannabinoid system and can help you feel more calm, more focused and more you. It may help to reduce stress and aid with mood, inflammation and recovery. This can make CBD oils or CBD drinks the perfect addition to your morning routine. Before you start your day, or even think about your to-do list, take a moment for yourself to rebalance, recentre and take a few drops of a calming natural CBD oil. CBD takes around 10 to 20 minutes to take effect, so take that time to let your mind rest and focus on the day ahead. If you are more of a get up and go person in the morning, maybe try some CBD in your coffee, we recommend our TRIP CBD Cold Brew Coffee, infused with 15mg of CBD. While your caffeine kicks in, CBD works to provide you with jitter-free energy and prepare your mind for wherever your day takes you!

As your workout sidekick:

Whether pre-yoga or post -workout, incorporating CBD into your gym routine may have amazing benefits for your body. Whether you place a few drops under your tongue or grab a CBD infused drink before yoga, CBD may help you wind down and improve your focus. Aiding you in your practice, from the first initial stretch to the final Savasana. Due to its great anti-inflammatory properties, CBD might also be the perfect aid post workout. Grab a refreshing CBD infused drink after an intense session, and let your muscles breathe a deep sigh of relief as it aids recovery and helps you wind down.

The ultimate lunch time pick me up:

Instead of your normal sugar fuelled, artificially flavoured drink, why not grab a chilled can of a CBD infused drink, like TRIP, with no added sugar and under 20 calories, it's the perfect companion to your lunchtime meal and a quick pick me up for the afternoon ahead. Let go of the morning’s tensions and take a moment to refocus for the afternoon ahead.

Your pre-meeting solution:

Got an important meeting coming up? Having technical issues with zoom? Or even just feeling a little overwhelmed? Reach into your bag and grab a bottle of CBD oil which may help to reduce your stress. Pop a few drops under your tongue and take a moment to re-centre, re-focus and unwind, allowing you to bring your best self into that meeting!

Mid afternoon slump:

Imagine it is 3pm on a Wednesday afternoon, your to do list isn’t getting any shorter and Friday still seems a million miles away. Instead of reaching for the fourth coffee of the day, why not reach for a more natural remedy, and allow CBD to help you de-stress and re-focus. Grab a healthy CBD-infused drink or a calming oil, and tick off all your important tasks before the clock strikes six.

End the day on a sober note:

Whether you never drink, are taking part in Sober October or Dry January, or just want to cut back on alcohol, a CBD infused drink can be the perfect alternative. Find relief at the end of the day with CBD when you just don’t fancy that glass of wine. TRIP has a range of delicious lightly sparkling drinks, with complex grown up flavours to help you to wind down from a stressful day, without the hangover!

Retox and detox with a CBD cocktail:

Treat yourself after a long day with a CBD cocktail. With the CBD and alcohol working together to help you unwind, find yourself the ultimate antidote to the day's stresses. Check out our article Happy Hour at TRIP: CBD Cocktails for our favourite recipes.

Upgrade your bedtime ritual:

Having trouble shutting off in the evening? Consider adding some CBD to your night time ritual. Taking some CBD before bed may help to calm anxious thoughts and quell any stresses from the day. Building this into your nightly routine, allows you to take a moment to shut off, wind down and find your calm. Not only will it help you have a restful and enjoyable evening, but it will prepare you a great night's sleep! We love a calming CBD oil for this, our range of CBD oils at TRIP are also infused with Chamomile for its soothing benefits.




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