Compared to previous years, do you feel your sleeping patterns were worse in 2020 or was there not much change?

As part of the survey, we wanted to find out just how much of an impact 2020 had on the nation’s sleeping habits. We asked respondents if they believe they experienced a lack of sleep last year due to COVID and lockdown stress and the results spoke for themselves.

In total, just over 67 per cent of people believe their sleeping patterns were affected as a result of the past year. When we looked in detail at the answers and segmented the data by gender, of the people who have slept worse in 2020 than in previous years, 45 per cent were men and 55 per cent were women.

How have the COVID outbreak and numerous lockdowns affected the nation's sleeping habits?

It seems inevitable that the majority of people across the UK have reported feeling anxious over the past year, due to the global pandemic. According to our survey, almost 50 per cent of respondents said that not seeing their friends and family has been by far the most stressful part of the past year. It was also interesting to discover that 75 per cent of people believe that they have struggled to fall to sleep as a result of stress brought on by national lockdowns

When it comes to the nation struggling to get a good night's sleep due to the stresses of the current situation, 44 per cent of people revealed they have lost sleep due to worrying about the effects of the global pandemic.

What are the main worries behind people struggling to get a good night’s sleep?

Among the adult population, it can often be hard to sleep due to stresses of everyday life. Being worried about finances was the most common cause of lost sleep, with nearly half of all male respondents saying this affected their sleep. Women were most likely to be affected by staying up too late using tech devices, with 44 per cent of women admitting to this.

What are the most common side effects the nation experiences due to a lack of sleep?

Our survey discovered that 67 per cent of people have around five to seven hours of sleep per night, whilst 15 per cent have much less at around two to four hours. We all experience different side effects when we don’t get as much sleep as our body needs. Sixty one per cent of the people we surveyed believe they are less productive after a bad night’s sleep, whilst 53 per cent of men said they have trouble concentrating.

We asked respondents if they would be willing to try a CBD product to help them sleep better and here is what they said

Seventy eight per cent of the people we surveyed said they would be willing to try a CBD product to improve their sleep.

We hope you found our survey data interesting. It would be great to know if the pandemic and numerous lockdowns have affected your sleeping habits, so let us know in the comments section below. It’s also worth keeping your eyes peeled for a blog post we’ll be sharing in the coming weeks, which shares some tips and advice on how to get a good night’s sleep.




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