Best Lunchtime Walks In London and Other UK Cities

Best Lunchtime Walks In London and Other UK Cities

It’s no secret that getting outside for a walk and some fresh air, even for just ten minutes a day, can significantly improve our physical and mental wellbeing. Walking is the perfect free activity, helping to ease stress by releasing feel-good hormones called endorphins, and with spring on the way, now is the best time to pop out on your lunch break and enjoy the outdoors. 

Here at TRIP, we’ve compiled a list of the best lunchtime walks to squeeze in during the middle of your work day. How? We scraped for every major UK city, looking at how easy or difficult the walks are, how much trail traffic there is, and what there is to look at on your way. 

Here are our top recommendations to enjoy this spring: 

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The Best Lunchtime Walks in the City of London

The City of London is home to many beautiful parks and trails to wander through during your lunch break. The best-rated trail, however, is Connaught Water and Chingford Plain. Sitting a little further out of the city, in Epping Forest, this route takes just under an hour to complete. It's often very quiet, allowing you to get some peace and tranquility in the middle of your busy day.

The Best Lunchtime Walks in Westminster

For walks in Westminster, you can’t beat the Covent Garden Circular route. Short but sweet, this walk features plenty of cute eating and drinking spots, perfect for your lunch break. It's dog-friendly too, so both you and your little one can spend some quality time together. Kensington Garden is another walk that lets you escape the hustle and bustle of London life, with scenic views of the pond, the statues, and the palace.

The Best Lunchtime Walks in Liverpool

If you're in the North West of England and looking for a coastal walk in Liverpool to breathe in the fresh sea air, then Formby Point via Sefton Coastal Path is the walk best suited for you . For a slightly shorter and easier route, Princes Park offers a mostly flat surface, as well as a stunning lake to admire.

The Best Lunchtime Walks in Manchester

In Manchester, Clifton Country Park and Marina is the most popular lunchtime walk, suitable for the whole family (dogs included). On average, this approximately 5 kilometre circular trail takes an hour to complete. If you fancy taking your bike out instead, Hopwood Woodlands and Pond Circular is a perfect choice, but it may be better for an after-work adventure as it's a little longer than the others on the list. 

The Best Lunchtime Walks in Newcastle

If you’re looking for a long but easy walk that's suitable for all fitness levels, the Rising Sun Park in Newcastle is ideal. It will take you just over an hour, but there's plenty of wildlife to see in the woodlands and around the pond. For a shorter and more historical walk, Leazes Park Circular takes around half an hour to complete. 

The Best Lunchtime Walks in Leeds

Leeds has plenty of great places to walk, with its top-rated place being the Rothwell Country Park Circular. This 4.5 kilometre trail goes through Rothwell Country Park and is very popular among hikers and runners, but it does take just over an hour to complete. On the other hand, the Aire Valley Towpath trail is a short walk that’s wheelchair and pram friendly, with views of the river. 

The Best Lunchtime Walks in Sheffield

The most popular lunchtime walk in Sheffield is the Fox Hagg nature reserve and Rivelin Lower Reservoir trail. With its spectacular views overlooking the valley, it’s a truly tranquil spot that’s great for both avid birdwatchers and commuters looking for some peace and quiet. However, Fox Hagg can be fairly rocky, so for a more family-friendly walk, Ulley Reservoir is a leisurely stroll.

The Best Lunchtime Walks in Birmingham


Birmingham is filled with lots of trails to get your steps in during your lunch break and have a moment of calm. The top-rated walk is the Edgbaston Reservoir Circular, which takes an approximately three quarters of an hour to complete.  Cannon Hill Park is also a popular spot, the perfect escape from the city.

The Best Lunchtime Walks in Bristol

Bristol is in the heart of the countryside and offers beautiful, long, easy walks. The Upton Inn and Upton Cheyney Circular, just a little South East of the city centre, proved to be the most popular, thanks to its calm and peaceful route. On the other hand, Dundridge Park and Hanham River Loop is the route most loved by dog owners, since it explores the banks of the River Avon.

The Best Lunchtime Walks in Edinburgh

Edinburgh has no shortage of fantastic walks for your lunch hour and is full of historic views. Hermitage of Braid Circular is the highest-rated route, allowing some solitude during your busy workday. For something a little more unique, the Edinburgh Architecture Walking Tour starts in the New Town, ends at Holyrood Palace, and passes by all of Edinburgh’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites, although this one might be best saved for the weekend. 

The Best Lunchtime Walks in Belfast

In Belfast, Lagan Meadows Circular was rated as the best lunchtime walk. Despite being close to the city, this 3 kilometre trail is the perfect spot to unwind, exploring open fields, woodland tracks, and the canal towpath. Belvoir Park Forest Circuit is another hidden gem, with sights including the 12th-century Norman Motte to appreciate.

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