How to make CBD coffee

How to make CBD coffee

As it grows in popularity, CBD is used by many for the benefits it can have in regards to a vast selection of conditions and ailments. It’s also used as part of the daily routine for those who want to focus more on their health and wellbeing.

For a lot of people, enjoying a morning cup of coffee is a must. But while the caffeine in coffee is great for getting you ready for the day and boosting your mood, many people are now combining their morning caffeine fix with CBD oil.

You may have considered adding CBD oil to your coffee, but before you try it, you may want to know the potential benefits, whether it is safe to drop it in and what the benefits are to mixing up your morning routine with a CBD infused coffee.

What is the benefit of CBD coffee?

By drinking CBD coffee, users have been able to reap the benefits of CBD but in a tasty drink that is already part of their daily routine. 

Can you add CBD oil to coffee?

CBD can be taken in many different ways, so there are a selection of products available. Many people take CBD oil by adding a few drops to their coffee and drinking it as they would a normal cup of coffee.

However, while some experts hail the benefits of consuming CBD coffee, others are wary of the potential imbalance that could come from mixing CBD with caffeine due to the fact that CBD is mostly used to help find calm whereas caffeine stimulates. However, it’s just as likely that both will offer their benefits to the user simultaneously. Many CBD users love to drink CBD coffee as they still get the energy from the caffeine, while the CBD helps calm their coffee jitters.

That said, rather than adding CBD oil to drinks yourself, we have made it really easy for you by providing a specially developed CBD Cold Brew. By doing this, you can relax in the knowledge that the formula is licensed and regulated, and that the dosage will be suitable for what you’re using it for. We also use speciality Guatemalan beans to make sure you don’t lose out on flavour or quality!

How do you take CBD oil in coffee?

Most people who enjoy their coffee with CBD will add it once the coffee is made. To try it yourself, grab your usual coffee with your preferred milk and sugar already mixed in and place a few drops of CBD oil into your cup. We suggest that 15mg is a good dose to start with. Then just grab a spoon and mix it in!.

Can I put CBD in normal coffee granules?

More experienced users of CBD products may choose to take a step further than dropping CBD oil into coffee by infusing it with coffee granules. 

If you want to try this yourself, simply grind your coffee beans and put them into a cafetiere as you would normally. Then, add hot water to the cafetiere and add the CBD oil. Allow a few seconds for the warm water and coffee mixture to combine and brew before pouring. You can then drink your delicious CBD coffee once it’s cool enough to drink!

How much CBD oil should you add to your coffee?

As previously stated, the recommended amount of CBD oil to add to your coffee would be 15-20 milligrams. However, each individual is likely to take a different amount of CBD oil as the required amount will be affected by their weight, diet, metabolism, BMI and genetics. As such, any newcomers to CBD products should start with a small amount and increase their dosage until they find an amount that is effective for them.