How does CBD reduce stress?

The ECS (endocannabinoid system) is a cell-signalling system inside our bodies that plays a role in regulating a range of functions from sleep and mood to appetite and memory. It involved three key components: endocannabinoids, receptors and enzymes. Endocannabinoids are made by the body (they’re similar to cannabinoids but made by us) and these help our ‘bodies find balance’.

Endocannabinoids bind to endocannabinoid receptors, CB1 and CB2 and the effect that results depends on which receptor is bound to. CB1 receptors are most commonly found in the central nervous system and CB2 receptors are more frequently located in your peripheral nervous system, especially immune cells.

The enzymes are responsible for breaking down cannabinoids once they’ve carried out their functions. Although there’s still a lot we are still discovering, scientists believe that maintaining homeostasis, including managing stress, is the primary role of the ECS.

How to use CBD for stress relief?

There’s no ‘prescribed’ or standardised dosing recommendation for CBD as of yet. Dosing is personal - similarly to how caffeine or alcohol affects people differently. At TRIP, we recommend starting with a lower, regular dose (15-30mg per serve), note down how you feel and dose up with additional CBD drinks or more CBD oil if you’d prefer to double down.

Create your own ritual! Some like to take CBD oil first thing in the morning to relieve some anxiety and stress for the day ahead, others use it to give focus and boost productivity throughout the day and many enjoy unwinding and relaxing with a few drops in the evening. Buy our CBD in the UK (we also ship internationally!), try it for yourself and let us know how you get on @trip.drinks or text us +4478 6212 6624.

A recent study found that 300-600mg of CBD significantly reduced anxiety in a group of males but it’s important to note that the dosage a person takes to relieve anxiety or stress depends on the CBD product and how it’s taken.

CBD taken orally, such as CBD oils, gummies or capsules are absorbed much quicker than CBD drinks and can begin taking effect after around 30 minutes.

How often should you use CBD for stress?

What we all want to be told is exactly when, how much and how often should we be taking CBD. If you’ve already checked out our CBD oils, you’ll know we advise that it really is ‘what works best for you.’ And here’s why…

Many like to take CBD first thing in the morning, before or alongside a tea/coffee and breakfast, especially those of us taking CBD in the UK. CBD oil can be dropped under the tongue as a quick way to relieve that early morning stress or for those wanting to make a meal out of it, you can enjoy a CBD Infused Cold Brew Coffee to accompany your avo toast or overnight oats.

Some people feel energised and alert after taking CBD so it makes sense to take it in the morning, or as a mid-afternoon energy boost, our CBD drinks are the perfect pick-me-up. Others find that CBD, especially CBD oil, helps them relax, de-stress and gets the body prepared for sleep, in which case, taking in the evening or before bedtime makes the most sense.

There really is no ideal time to take CBD. The more you use it, the more likely it is you’ll develop a pattern based on how it affects you at various times of the day. You can take CBD with or without food but there is some evidence that having it with food (notably fats) may increase its bioavailability, meaning it’s likely to increase the absorption rate.

Just like there’s no perfect time to take CBD, there’s no set schedule for optimal times per day either. Some prefer to take it daily to maintain regular CBD levels and others prefer to take it when highly stressed or as needed so it maintains its effectiveness. It depends on your body and what you’re taking it for. Go with the slow, whatever works for you…



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