Making the first move, stress-free

Making the first move, stress-free

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Whether you’re going on a first date, arranging an important meeting, organising a work lunch or planning something for valentine’s day, making the first move can be a nerve-wracking experience. That’s why Bumble and TRIP are collabing to try and help you channel some ‘main character energy’ so you can relax into your best self✨ So what is main character energy? For us, it’s all about self-care, giving yourself enough love so you feel like the best version of yourself, whatever you’re doing that day.

To celebrate valentines, galentines, palatines, or any other day, we’re sharing our tips on how we channel ‘main character energy’ to make moves stress-free. Here are some words of advice from TRIP founder Olivia Ferdi, and Naomi Walkland, the VP of EMEA Marketing at Bumble. 

How TRIP co-founder, Olivia, manages stress

"We created TRIP to share a bit of calm in the chaos, helping people manage their stress in a natural way. Having worked as a lawyer in the City, juggling long work hours, keeping up with friends, trying to find time to exercise and keeping my relationships alive, was nothing short of exhausting. And we all feel this! The everyday grind is relentless, and I didn’t know how to improve my work life balance or consider the changes I could make to feel less pressured to do it all. When I discovered CBD I finally found a relief for that everyday stress and it helped me find my calm in all walks of life, and as a result has made my relationship with myself and with others that much better. 

I was determined to create a CBD range that could alleviate stress, to help people wherever it’s most needed - that could be anything from a first date or making conversation with someone at the gym to going into pitches, presenting or public speaking. Life can be overwhelming at times and finding a positive way to improve people’s lives has and will always be the reason TRIP exists. 

From AM to PM, I’ve refined my CBD routine over the last couple of years to suit my lifestyle and have figured out what works best to ensure I feel less stressed and more ‘me’. The first thing I do every morning is pop a few drops of CBD oil under my tongue to relax my mind for the day ahead, it’s a non-negotiable in my wake-up ritual. I keep a bottle of CBD oil on my bedside table and another bottle in my bag so I can take a few drops if I need a top up throughout the day. At lunch I enjoy a couple of our CBD drinks - it gives me a little boost of energy ahead of the afternoon and means I don’t reach for another coffee. From Monday to Wednesday I’ll have our drinks solo to help me relax and unwind, whereas from Thursday evening onwards I might have them as mixers in cocktails. Right before bed I reach for my CBD oil as I find it helps calm my mind and sets me up for some solid shut-eye. Taking the time to wind-down and indulging in a little stress-care is a top priority of mine and I swear it makes all the difference."

The Bumble Team

"With Valentine's Day around the corner, single people can sometimes feel overwhelmed and anxious around being single - which shouldn’t be the case. Being single can be an empowering time and an opportunity to take a step back and re-evaluate what you’re looking for. Together with TRIP, we’re looking to relieve the pressure of dating and help people on Bumble take steps to relax at this time of year."

Heading out this valentines, galentines or palentines day? Take a moment for you, even if you’ve only got 15 minutes - turn up your party playlist, take a TRIP and turn up that sunshine state of mind. Try some CBD oil to calm any nerves or grab a chilled can and create your own cocktail (I love a Gin TRIP)!  

Staying in for some rest and relaxation? We’re here for you. Feel the love and unwind with one of our deliciously refreshing drinks before popping a few CBD oil drops in your mouth. There’s no better feeling than a good night’s sleep - sweet dreams. 

Not yet made plans but are feeling the first move? You’ve got this, but if you need a little calm to quieten those nerves, check out our CBD oils and CBD drinks. Hope you enjoy - and let us know how it goes! Drop us a text @ +4478 6212 6624 ✌️

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