This Mental Health Awareness Week we want to help you to find calm, open up the conversation around mental wellbeing and to try make sure no one feels alone in their struggles.

Mental health has always been important to TRIP - our founder Olivia found that CBD was the perfect antidote to her stress & anxiety, and decided to create TRIP as a result to share calm in the chaos with everyone else.

After such a tough time nationwide, Mental Health Awareness Week provides a great opportunity to open up the conversation, and share how commonplace mental health struggles are. We want no one to feel alone, so we reached out to some amazing people from our favourite brands to share their experiences and how they find calm in the chaos.

Henrietta Rix & Orlagh McCloskey : Co-founders - RIXO

We founded our womenswear brand RIXO almost 6 years ago in our shared student house. At the time, we were both fresh out of University, juggling full time work with the trials and tribulations of starting a new business. We dedicated evenings and weekends into making it a success – it’s been an amazing few years and maintaining our business completely independently is something that we are both so proud of.

We are both in touch constantly, a day in the office is often followed by phone calls from home brainstorming new and exciting ideas. We feel very grateful to be so happy at work, but we understand that it’s really important to take a break.

There are a number of activities that we both try to make time for to better our mental health; walking outside in the morning is always a great way to start the day, especially when working from home. Stepping away from technology in the evening gives us the chance to wind down, allowing time to exercise, read and catch up with friends and family. We both also love to cook, it’s a very soothing process that really encourages creativity.

Jules Miller : Founder & CEO - The Nue Co

There is no true health without mental health. Our physical, mental, social and environmental well-being are intrinsically interconnected as one ecosystem. Since the launch of The Nue Co., we have sought to change the conversation around the perception of health and bring the conversation of mental health to the forefront. We create supplements which support people’s physical health and wellbeing, but also encourage community and conversation as a tool for nurturing their mental wellbeing.

“How Are You, Really?” has been a question that has come to be a pillar of the brand, and as we evolve, we continue to come back to this phase. Truly tuning in to what your body is trying to tell you is key. I believe the future of self care is stress care, and the first step in that is listening to the cues your body gives you. When we neglect our mental health, the issue spreads much further than our brains, impacting immunity, skin, gut health and so much more. Being a founder and entrepreneur can be an incredible role but also comes with its challenges in making time to find my calm. I often find that my body will tell me when I’m feeling overwhelmed before my emotions, either by becoming ill or the onset of headaches. When that happens I recognise I need to fully disconnect from work and rest. To prevent this, I try to prioritise finding calm in my everyday routine. Spending time with my puppy Ruby, hiking outdoors and socialising with friends are my favourite things to do and help me to feel myself again. In moments of high stress, I’ll use our anti-stress fragrance FOREST LUNGS, and ensure that I’m focusing on positive daily routines such as eating well-balanced meals and getting enough sleep.

Richard Cheshire : Plant Doctor - Patch Plants

I found my way to Patch plants through a passion for the natural world. It all began from a desire to find some peace in busy London with the intense pressures that the modern world can put on us. After travelling to wildly different climates, I started filling my own home with plant buddies and read every book I could find. I felt driven to find out what makes plants so special and understand how diverse varieties can truly thrive. As a plant doctor, I enjoy sharing my knowledge and reminding others that you can stay close to nature without losing the magic of your hometown.

Unsurprisingly, interacting with my plants has been a great way for me to find my calm! Taking some screen breaks through misting my plants keeps me away from my phone a little more, which also freshens the air around my work space. I like to keep a good few around my desk space- fitting them in wherever possible (even the dark corners). Who wouldn’t want to transform their living room into Bali? When I carve out some more time for myself I find yoga to be a meditative experience that takes the mind out of the routine. Did you know that you build more muscle when exercising around plants?


Top image - @antigonaart


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