What factors affect mood?

Moods are pretty complex, and intrinsically linked to our emotions. It is thought that there are three sets of factors that can affect our moods. The first being biology - for example hormones and brain chemicals (like serotonin and cortisol), the second being psychology - such as personality and learned responses and the third being environment - these are things that happen to you in your day to day life like illness or stress at work.

Common factors that can affect your mood are:

- Stress

-Having a poor night’s sleep

- Working too hard and experiencing burnout

- Interactions with people around you

- The weather

- Hormonal changes, such as puberty, your period, menopause or pregnancy

- Exercise

- Food and nutrition

- Sugar intake

Does CBD affect mood?

Particularly praised for its positive effects for stress and anxiety, CBD has quickly become hugely popular within the wellness sphere. CBD or cannabidiol is the non-psychoactive component of cannabis, so it won’t get you high! Instead it is often mixed with carrier oils such as MCT oil from coconuts, made into capsules or used in a water soluble format in CBD drinks and may help you to feel more calm, balanced and more you!

Many CBD users claim that taking CBD oil or grabbing aCBD Drink, helps them feel more calm, more relaxed and less stressed. All things which can contribute towards a more positive mood.

Another important factor that affects our mood is sleep, a bad night’s sleep can leave you in a pretty negative frame of mind. Especially over the last year, where 7 out of 10 people had the most stressful year of their lives (TRIP Sleep Study March 2021), it seems the UK slept worse than ever. In TRIP’s recent survey, it was found that 85% of respondents revealed that lockdown negatively impacted their sleeping patterns and 70% claimed it was their worst year of sleep ever.

CBD may help to soothe stresses and quiet anxious thoughts before bed, with many consumers using CBD oils nightly to help them wind down before sleep. This can improve your ability to fall asleep and to stay asleep, which might help you find yourself in a better mood the following morning!

Can CBD lift your mood?

Taking CBD can also make you feel more focused and productive by helping you to declutter your mind and find some calm in the chaos of every day. Our founder Olivia, before creating TRIP, found that CBD was the perfect antidote to the stress and anxiety brought by her City job and that by taking CBD to help reduce these feelings she could boost her mood and feel more herself!

Additionally if you try CBD to help you wind down before bed and get a better night’s sleep you may find that your morning mood is lifted and you are more ready to tackle the day. TRIP found that 78% of people would be willing to try a CBD product to help them sleep. So whether this is a CBD oil or CBD drink it may be an option to try when aiming to lift your mood.




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