Why is CBD so popular right now?

Why is CBD so popular right now?

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Over the past few years, CBD products have made their way into numerous industries; from everyday personal care items to an array of food products. CBD, short for cannabidiol, is the non-psychoactive compound found in hemp plants. Unlike THC, it will not get you high. Its effects are related to the body’s endocannabinoid system, a network of cells and receptors that regulates various cardiovascular, nervous and immune functions and helps control how the body achieves balance.

Some see CBD as a passing fad while others are advocates of its benefits. Medical marijuana has been used since the 19th century to help reduce chronic pain so it’s no surprise that CBD has been a popular alternative to traditional over-the-counter prescription drugs. While there may be some challenges ahead, the strength of the growing CBD community has shown that nothing is going to stand in its way. 


1. It’s a natural product


A ‘natural’ product is generally defined as a chemical compound or substance produced by a living organism that is usually found in nature. CBD has been labeled as a natural remedy which is why people who prefer to avoid excessively manufactured compounds may use it frequently. However, not every CBD product is 100% natural as CBD can also be made synthetically. In many cases, the manufacturing of CBD is unregulated and product quality is not always guaranteed. At TRIP, all of our products are third party lab tested to ensure the highest quality and purity - it’s why we’re the UK’s leading CBD brand.


2. It’s accessible in different forms 

With the ongoing hype surrounding CBD, there are thousands of CBD products easily available on the internet. A quick Google search of CBD UK will give you thousands of websites selling CBD goods that can be delivered straight to your door. If you're new to CBD, we recommend trying Discover CBD - My First TRIP, or for those looking to get into a new daily routine, CBD Monthly Magic may be exactly what you need. Both CBD bundles include CBD drinks and CBD oils from the best CBD brand in the UK. You can also find CBD-infused items on the menus in many cafes and restaurants - have a look next time you’re out! 


Oils and pharmaceuticals

CBD can most commonly be found in the form of oils or pharmaceuticals. They’re often in liquid form and can be taken sublingually for rapid absorption. Taking CBD under the tongue can result in faster effects because it avoids the digestive system and instead rapidly enters into the bloodstream. These types of CBD products are  especially appealing to those who do not want to wait long for effects to take place. Check out Orange Blossom and Wild Mint CBD oils, the UK’s leading premium CBD brand according to Balance. 

Food, drinks and edibles 

CBD has been common in different edible forms, especially in gummy candies, but recently the compound has been infused in sparkling waters, chips and even pet foods. Our favourite CBD drinks are Elderflower Mint, Lemon Basil and Peach Ginger. Find out more here! CBD can even be found in restaurants and cafes across the UK in items such as desserts, cocktails (we love a T&T (TRIP & Tequila) from Soho House) and even salads.


Some items such as cleansers, lotions, serums and lip balms also contain CBD due to its antioxidant properties that may help with swelling and pain. The anti-inflammatory effect of CBD could prove to be beneficial in calming skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

Household items 

CBD can be used topically or applied on the skin, making way for products such as ointments, sunscreen and even bath bombs. Typically, topical application of CBD can be used to target a specific area of pain in the nerves, muscles, bones and joints. 


The UK may only just be waking up to CBD, but here at TRIP we’re leading the way. We’re passionate about creating the UK’s leading range of trusted CBD products that the best quality, and tastes as good as it makes you feel

The UK CBD market is predicted to be a £1billion by the year 2025, and if one thing is for certain, it is that CBD is here to stay. So join us and take a TRIP to Happy Days