Does CBD relax you?

Does CBD relax you?

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Does CBD make you feel relaxed?

You may have been hearing about CBD everywhere and anywhere for a while now, and the hype around it is still growing. Hailed for its calming properties, many users of CBD integrate into their daily rituals to help them find their calm. Whether it is a few drops of CBD oil to start your day, a CBD Drink before a big meeting or a can of TRIP at lunch, it may provide a good way to unwind.

CBD is short for cannabidiol, and is one of the many active compounds found in hemp plants. Unlike THC it is not psychoactive, so can’t get you high. It is commonly used in the wellness world for its wide range of benefits.

How does CBD relax you?

CBD (cannabidiol) is well known for the way it helps people to unwind, but how does it work? It’s related to the human endocannabinoid system (our ECS), which is a system of nerves and receptors that works to help our body stay in balance.

When trying to relax, we need to soothe stress, release tension and rest. Everyday stress, long hours at the desk staring at screens and trouble sleeping can be big barriers to relaxation.

When trying to restore this balance, CBD can be a very helpful tool, helping us to find calm, while also helping us to wind down ahead of bedtime, making a good night’s sleep easier. 

If you are struggling to relax, CBD may be a great natural option for you, whether that is with a CBD oil, a CBD drink or even CBD capsules. The process of taking CBD can itself become relaxing, for example when you place a few drops of Wild Mint CBD Oil under your tongue and hold for a minute, that minute gives you a moment of headspace and calmness to reflect and take a moment for yourself.

Or perhaps you might grab an Elderflower Mint CBD drink in the evening instead of a glass of wine, and as you are sipping on it find some time to breathe and take a break