What is CBD for exercise?

First and foremost, let's go back to basics and discuss how CBD works and how it can be used to help with exercise and recovery.

Cannabidiol, or as it is more commonly known, CBD is the non-psychoactive molecule found in hemp plants. CBD helps to bring your body back into balance, by regulating your ECS (endocannabinoid system). It works by interacting with a network of cells and receptors to bring your body back into balance, and may help with reducing stress and anxiety, alleviating pain and soothing inflammation. It may also help us sleep better and support our immune systems!

CBD is commonly used as part of an overall wellness routine, whether that means starting your day with a few drops of CBD oil to bring you back into balance, grabbing a CBD drink with your lunch to help boost productivity, or taking CBD in the evening to help you wind down. Many also used CBD after a workout to help with recovery, as CBD may help reduce pain and inflammation, this can be a lifesaver after a tough workout.

Can I use CBD oil and exercise?

You may be thinking, if CBD oil helps me wind down, should I take it while I exercise?

The great thing about CBD is that it helps you find balance without feeling drowsy. It can help you to feel more calm, less stressed and more focused. Which could even help you during your workout.

CBD is non-psychoactive, so you can take it before working out, before driving or going to work, it won’t affect your ability to complete these tasks.

Why take CBD oil for fitness?

As it is reported almost daily in the press, CBD has become increasingly popular. Especially within the fitness and sports communities. Many sports men and women have come to advocate CBD, praising the way it helps them to recover after intense games, matches or training sessions.

This ranges from rugby, to golf and even to MMA fighters. From Ben Franks of the All Blacks to Mike Tyson, many sports men and women acclaim the benefits of CBD to help with nerves pre-game and to aid recovery afterwards, with Saracens player George Kruis praising the way it helps to ‘put [their] bodies back together’.

As CBD may help to reduce inflammation and soothe pain, it can be a great addition to your post workout ritual. Some people have said they find CBD can help them sleep better, by helping you to wind down before bed. By getting a more restful night’s sleep you are further aiding your body to recover faster. Check out our (Sleep Study) here to find out more about how your sleep affects your body.

Should you use CBD before or after the gym

CBD is very personal, so you can integrate it into your routine whenever it works for you! We find that taking some CBD oil before a yoga class, helps you to calm down, focus up and be just a little more zen. While many might say that they prefer to grab a cold can of a CBD drink, like TRIP’s Elderflower Mint, as a refreshment after class that could also help their muscles to recover!

Can CBD help gym recovery?

Some researchers have shown that CBD may have anti-inflammatory benefits. Our founder Daniel actually found CBD after suffering a knee injury while playing football! He found that CBD helped soothe the pain, reduce inflammation and helped him sleep much better which majorly contributed to his recovery!

Building CBD into your workout routine, might help you to soothe those aches and pains and make you ready to get back in the gym.




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