What is CBD and what does it do?  

CBD, short for Cannabidiol, is the non-psychoactive compound found in hemp plants. CBD regulates our body's Endocannabinoid system (ECS) and works by interacting with a network of cells and receptors, and may help control how the body achieves balance - aiding with stress, anxiety, sleep, inflammation, pain and supports our immune system. While dosage and effects are personal, many CBD users attest to the benefits of CBD; some people take CBD as a possible antidote to insomnia, some take CBD for anxiety and some for pain relief. Alongside helping people out with these challenges, CBD can help you re-centre and find your calm.

CBD is popularly used as part of an overall wellness routine, making you less stressed and more you, giving you a moment of calm in the middle of your day. Whether you’re at work, post-workout, or out with friends, CBD may help to reduce stress, improve focus and help you unwind. CBD can be taken any and all of the time.

Is CBD legal in the UK?  

Yes, CBD is completely legal. It is THC, a psychoactive compound also found in hemp, that is illegal. Look out for products that are THC-free and third party tested to confirm this, like TRIP! When a product states that it contains Broad Spectrum CBD or CBD Isolate this indicates that it doesn't contain THC, but make sure to check packaging and do your research!

How do you take CBD?  

One of the most popular ways to take CBD is in an oil or tincture. To try CBD oil, just place a few drops of oil under your tongue and leave for a minute before swallowing. CBD oil historically has been quite bitter with an ‘earthy’ taste, so look out for flavoured oils such as our delicious blends of wild mint or Orange Blossom.

Another popular way to take CBD is in CBD drinks. Water soluble CBD is infused into a drink which has become one of the most popular formats, especially for people trying CBD for the first time. Some people like to take CBD in Coffee, as it smooths out the ‘caffeine jitters’, others prefer them in lightly sparkling drinks. CBD drinks are also great no-alcohol alternatives, helping you unwind and socialise - without the hangover! CBD infused drinks can be drunk at any point of the day, whether at your desk, post workout or even used as a mixer! At TRIP we started out with a range of delicious CBD drinks, now the best-selling CBD drink range in the UK, combining CBD with a unique blend of botanicals, all while being under 19kcals! We feel our drinks changed the game in CBD; for the first time CBD products looked great, tasted great and made you feel great.




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