When is the best time to take CBD?

by Chloe Palmer

We’re seeing and hearing about CBD products everywhere lately. As one of the most popular wellness trends of the last decade, the natural compound is covered in the media extensively.

With multiple potential health benefits, including easing symptoms of anxiety, improved sleep and pain relief, many people take CBD as part of their daily routine. One reason for this is that it can be incorporated in so many ways into your lifestyle. 

However, it can be tricky knowing where to start on your CBD journey and consumers tend to ask when the best time of day to take CBD oil is. The answer is, it’s different for everyone and there are several contributing factors. Because the answer can be unique to the individual, we’ve collected a few questions that will help you discern the best times for you.

Why are you taking CBD oil?

The reasons behind why you’re taking CBD oil will help to pinpoint the best time to consume it. Consider what first made you look into CBD and the diversity of products available. Did a friend recommend it to you? Did you read something about it online? What was the potential benefit that caught your attention?

CBD oil is used for many different reasons in varying doses, and as a result, one singular approach won’t be beneficial for everyone. Decide upon your

goals before taking CBD oil. It might be that you heard it can help promote relaxation and want to wind down gently before bed. If this is the case, consuming CBD oil after your evening meal is recommended. Whereas, if you want to experience a sense of calm before a day of working, when you wake up is the best time, for example. To begin testing it out, we recommend trying CBD in the morning, pre- or post-workout, during your afternoon slump, or before bedtime.

What form of CBD are you taking?

CBD comes in many forms — from oil to drinks and capsules. Each method of consumption is unique in the way it is processed in the body, and therefore the speed and impact it may have. This will inevitably affect the time of day you may want to use CBD.


Perhaps the most common method of consumption, oil tinctures are preferred by many due to the speed at which they are absorbed. They are usually taken sublingually: a few drops under the tongue. On average, it would take about 10-20 minutes to affect your body using this form. Due to how quickly they work, they are a favourite among morning users as well as right before bedtime.

That said, CBD is quite an individual compound, so you may find that it takes longer to kick in for you, or that it also wears off early. In which case,

experimenting with increasing the dose or using it multiple times throughout the day might be necessary.


For those who'd rather employ a more beginner-friendly method, CBD drinks have become a staple in recent years. Not only that — they are delicious! This makes CBD drinks a perfect pick-me-up throughout the day or a great alternative to alcohol (or as an add-on — we love CBD cocktails).

Drinking a can before or during an important business meeting, for example, may help you focus and de-stress. If you want to give a CBD beverage a try in the morning,  though, this is also a fan favourite — we particularly recommend checking out our CBD Infused Cold-Brew coffee.

Other CBD forms

There are countless other ways to get your daily CBD fix, and each of these might affect when in the day you'd like to take it. For instance, capsules, gummies and other edibles are usually made to release CBD gradually. As a result, you should consider taking them a little while before the time you want them to work their magic. If you usually suffer from anxiety during the day, a morning dose could work wonders, however, if struggling to sleep is your main concern, you'd want to consider consuming them with dinner.

Other methods such as creams and salves are normally used topically on specific areas of discomfort. The CBD in these products will not enter your 

bloodstream but rather may ‘target the receptors in your tissues’, and tend to start taking effect within an hour or so. 

How much CBD are you taking?

Different dosages may work better at various times of day, so it's important to consider how much CBD you're taking when deciding when to consume it. Your perfect amount is based on a range of factors, for example, your body weight. However, CBD can affect people differently, so it's important to figure this out first. But how exactly do you do this?

Well, we usually recommend starting with a small dose and working your way up. It's common to try it out with 20mg per day and add on from there: according to the World Health Organisation, most clinical trials use daily dosages of 100-800mg, however, you may eventually want to consume even more than that. You do you!

That said, by slowly and incrementally increasing the amount, you can figure out how it makes you personally feel, and choose the effects you prefer. It should also be noted that sometimes CBD won't have the desired effect immediately, and like anything in life, consistency is key when it comes to taking this wonderful compound. 

Once you work your dose out, you'll be able to better understand when you should consume the product. If CBD makes you sleepy, it might not be the best idea to have it first thing in the morning! While, if it helps you focus, taking it before an exam or a meeting could be just the ticket. Of course, you can use

CBD more than once throughout the day, just ensure you understand its impact on you.

So, when should I take CBD?

The simple answer is any time you want! CBD consumption times vary based on what you use it for, how much you take, and which method you prefer. As a rule of thumb, we find that many enjoy CBD first thing in the morning for heightened focus and to reduce the dreaded brain fog, so it's a good place to start. However, experimentation is needed to figure out how to maximise the impact of this beautiful compound on you. Here are some times of day to try:

1. Take a moment in the morning

CBD works with your endocannabinoid system and can help you feel calmer, more focused and more you. It may help to reduce stress and aid with mood, inflammation and recovery. This can make CBD oils or drinks the perfect addition to your morning routine. Before you start your day or even think about your to-do list, take a moment for yourself to re-balance, re-centre and take a few drops of a calming natural CBD oil.

2. Before or after a workout

Whether pre-yoga or post-workout, incorporating CBD into your gym routine may have amazing benefits for your body. Whether you place a few drops under your tongue or grab a CBD infused drink before yoga, the compound may help you wind down and improve your focus. Aiding you in your practice, 

from the first initial stretch to the final Savasana. Due to its great anti-inflammatory properties, CBD might also be the perfect aid post-workout. Grab a refreshing CBD infused drink after an intense session, and let your muscles breathe a deep sigh of relief as it aids recovery and helps you wind down.

3. A lunchtime pick-me-up

Instead of your normal sugar fuelled, artificially flavoured drink, why not grab a chilled can of a CBD infused drink with no added sugar and under 20 calories. It's the perfect companion to your lunchtime meal and a quick pick me up for the afternoon ahead. Let go of the morning’s tensions and take a moment to refocus for the rest of the day.

4. Before an important meeting

Got an important meeting coming up? Have technical issues with zoom? Or even just feel a little overwhelmed? Reach into your bag and grab a bottle of CBD oil which may help to reduce your stress. Pop a few drops under your tongue and take a moment to re-centre, re-focus and unwind, allowing you to bring your best self into that meeting.

5. During an afternoon slump

Imagine it is 3pm on a Wednesday afternoon, your to-do list isn’t getting any shorter and Friday still seems a million miles away. Instead of pouring that fourth coffee of the day into your mug, why not reach for a more natural remedy and allow CBD to help you de-stress and re-focus. Grab a healthy CBD-infused drink or a calming oil, and tick off all your important tasks before the clock strikes six.

6. At the end of day

Whether you never drink, are taking part in Sober October or Dry January, or just want to cut back on alcohol, a CBD infused drink can be the perfect alternative. Find relief at the end of the day with CBD when you just don’t fancy that glass of wine. TRIP has a range of delicious lightly sparkling drinks, with complex grown-up flavours to help you to wind down from a stressful day, without the hangover!

7. Instead of your nightcap

If you're still drinking alcohol, you can enhance its effects with CBD. Treat yourself after a long day with a CBD cocktail. Together, they will help you unwind, becoming the ultimate antidote to the day's stresses.

8. Before bedtime

Have trouble shutting off in the evening? Consider adding some CBD to your nighttime ritual. Taking some CBD before bed may help to calm anxious thoughts and quell any stresses from the day. Not only will it help you have a restful and enjoyable evening, but it will prepare you for a great night's sleep! We love a calming CBD oil for this, our range of CBD oils at TRIP are also infused with chamomile for its soothing benefits.