1) Give CBD a try:

When looking to improve focus and soothe anxieties, CBD is mentioned more and more as a natural remedy for stress. There is a lot of buzz around CBD, but it can have real benefits, and many people use it as part of a daily ritual to increase their focus.

CBD (cannabidiol) is a non-psychoactive compound found in hemp plants. CBD works to regulate our Endocannabinoid system (ECS). Our ECS plays a major role in balancing some of our body’s most important functions, including sleep, focus and mood. So taking CBD may be able to help control how our body achieves balance - including aiding in the reduction of stress and anxiety, improving sleep and focus and supporting our immune system. .

So if you’re struggling to focus on your inbox, perhaps place a few drops of CBD Oil under your tongue to help your body manage challenges of our new normal.

2) Take a moment in nature:

Research shows and continues to show how valuable time outside in nature is for your body and brain. Whether that is a run, a stroll around the block or a quick trip to the corner shop for snacks, the fresh air helps to clear your mind and help you relax.

3) Stay Social

Even if you’re on lockdown and struggling to focus on the zoom quiz you have organised with friends, spending time with loved ones can help reduce stress and ultimately help you concentrate. At the end of the day, pour yourself a cocktail (try one of our TRIP CBD Cocktail recipes for an extra boost of relaxation!) and take time for your family or call a friend. Our founders Liv & Dan love to mix up a TRIP cocktail made from our range of CBD -infused drinks, put on their favourite playlist and cook dinner together to mark the end of the day and switch off.

4) Take a moment for yourself:

When working from home, separating work and home can be tricky and this makes it even harder to remember to take time to be on your own and wind down. This can look different for everyone, whether it is taking time to do your skincare routine, meditating or just climbing into bed early and watching your favourite show, this is essential to help you wind down, ready to focus the next day.


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