CBD Dosage: How much CBD should I take?

CBD Dosage: How much CBD should I take?

What is CBD and how does it work?

CBD is extracted from the Hemp plant, and may be able to help regulate sleep, anxiety, immunity and inflammation. The way it does this is by interacting with our body’s Endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system of cells and receptors is integral to supporting our body’s balance.

How much CBD should I take?

With many brands suggesting different dosage quantities and using different measurement techniques dosing can be confusing. Couple this with the fact that dosage and effects are completely personal and it can seem quite puzzling! The easiest way to measure the amount of CBD you are taking is looking at the MG, which means you can compare oils, to drinks to gummies! Some brands state the CBD content as a percentage (%), so you can convert this to MG by inputting the percentage (%) and size (ml) to a dosage calculator. TRIP's Wild Mint CBD oil (300mg) has 20MG per dropper and TRIP’s Strong Orange Blossom cbd oil (1000mg) has 66mg per dropper, so when using it you can measure your dosage accordingly! TRIP’s range of Drinks have 15mg per serve, a robust dose, so if you are looking to try CBD for the first time they can be a great place to start! While the World Health Organisation has not found that CBD has any addictive qualities, as of February 2020, the FSA has recommended a cautious 70 mg CBD per day as a recommended limit.

How will CBD make you feel?

The effects of CBD are totally personal, much like caffeine or alcohol, CBD will have slightly different effects for everyone. CBD may help you feel more calm and more balanced, when you are feeling slightly overwhelmed and can help you feel your best self.

Does CBD make you sleepy or drowsy?

Many people find CBD an incredibly useful tool when struggling with sleep, as it may help to quell the day’s anxieties and tensions, quieting your mind for a more restful sleep. It does not, however, make you sleepy, so can be taken all throughout the day without affecting your productivity or energy levels! Many CBD users also find that it may actually be a natural way to increase focus and productivity.

So next time you’re prepping for an important zoom call, have a to do list with no end or are finding that there aren’t enough hours in the day, perhaps try some CBD. Take a moment for yourself to re-centre, find your calm and take a TRIP to happy days.