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CBD Cocktail Recipes

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The increase in popularity of CBD products in the UK has not gone unnoticed. From oils and edibles, to soft drinks and even cocktails, word is spreading fast about this new wellness trend. 

CBD is the non-psychoactive compound found in the hemp plant and those who take it may experience benefits such as reduced stress, better sleep and fewer symptoms of anxiety. 

It can be consumed in multiple ways, with most choosing to take CBD oil under the tongue. However, others are turning to more creative consumption methods. After a stressful day, some grab a drink to unwind and also have their daily intake of CBD, but why not combine the two? It’s completely safe to do so, provided you buy reputable oil brands (like TRIP) and avoid overconsumption of alcohol.

Cocktails are one the best ways to enjoy a tipple, making CBD cocktails arguably the ultimate antidote to the day’s stresses. So, to help you start taking CBD in this way, here are some of our favourite CBD cocktails recipes for you to try out at home. These all feature TRIP’s CBD infused drinks, giving you the recommended starting dose of 15mg!

Our CBD-Infused Cocktails Recipes

Gin and Elderflower Mint

CBD cocktail recipe

TRIP’s Elderflower Mint has elevated notes of grapefruit and lemon that work brilliantly with gin. This effortless mix is our go-to when entertaining friends.  


  • 50ml gin
  • 1 can of TRIP’s Elderflower Mint
  • A few mint leaves
  • Ice


  1. Fill a tall glass with ice and pour in your preferred gin
  2. Top up with Elderflower Mint
  3. Garnish with a few mint leaves (you could use a pink grapefruit wedge or cucumber slice instead)
  4. Enjoy!
Peach Ginger and Tequila (or vodka)

CBD cocktails

The gentle kick of our TRIP Peach Ginger combined with either tequila or vodka is a perfect pick-me-up. It’s easy to make at home too!

  • 50ml tequila or vodka (whatever your preference)
  • 1 can of TRIP’s Peach Ginger
  • A slice of lemon (to garnish)
  • Ice
  1. Fill a highball glass with ice and pour in your chosen spirit
  2. Add the Peach Ginger
  3. Garnish with a slice of lemon
  4. Sip and envision warmer days!
Lemon Basil & Vodka

CBD cocktail recipes

The delicate botanicals in this simple yet mouthwatering mix make it taste like a complex cocktail — with just two ingredients: vodka and TRIP’s Lemon Basil CBD drink.


  • 50ml vodka
  • 1 can of TRIP’s Lemon Basil
  • A lemon wedge (or fresh mint leaves)


  1. Fill a tall glass with ice and pour in your measured vodka
  2. Top up with Lemon Basil
  3. Finish with a wedge of lemon (or desired garnish)
  4. Get sipping!


CBD drinks

This is a firm favourite within the TRIP team; it’s delightfully refreshing and so easy to make.


  • 3 slices of peeled cucumber
  • 3 fresh mint leaves
  • 50ml gin
  • 10ml lime juice
  • 10ml sugar syrup (we love Monin’s elderflower variety but any sugar syrup works well and can be replaced with agave)
  • 25ml TRIP Elderflower Mint


  1. Mix the cucumber and mint in the base of a shaker
  2. Add gin, lime and sugar syrup, then shake it up!
  3. Strain into a chilled glass (try a coupe glass!) and top with your Elderflower Mint drink
  4. Lastly, add a thin slice of cucumber to garnish
  5. Enjoy!
Cold Brew Martini


CBD Espresso Martini

This delicious recipe swaps traditional espresso for TRIP’s Cold Brew Coffee. Our speciality Guatemalan coffee is infused with CBD so you can enjoy a boost of energy with this classic cocktail.


  • 40ml vodka
  • 30ml TRIP Cold Brew Coffee
  • 20ml coffee liqueur
  • 2 coffee beans for garnish


  1. Add vodka, TRIP and coffee liqueur to a shaker with ice
  2. Shake well and strain swiftly into a martini glass to ensure you get the espresso martini’s signature foam
  3. Place the two coffee beans on top for a picture perfect TRIP moment

Want to know more about the CBD in our cocktail recipes?

What is CBD and what are its benefits?

CBD, also known as Cannabidiol Oil or Cannabis Oil, is a non-psychoactive compound found in hemp plants. When taken, whether that be as a CBD oil or an infused drink like our CBD cocktails, it can work to regulate your Endocannabinoid system (ECS), supporting this network of receptors to help your body achieve optimal balance. This may help to aid sleep, focus, reduce stress, pain, inflammation and support your immune system. Helping you find your calm, leaving you more productive, less stressed and more you.






How much CBD should I take?

When it comes to CBD, dosage and effects are totally personal. We recommend starting with a dose of around 15MG (which you can find in a single serve of TRIP CBD infused drinks or a few drops of CBD oil). Then work from there, increasing your dosage as and when you need to.

What happens when you mix CBD and alcohol?

Mixing CBD and alcohol into a cocktail makes for the perfect way to unwind after a stressful day. The CBD may help with focus and stress relief, helping you make the most of any social occasion or a night in at home. Although the effects are totally personal, many people find that CBD cocktails help them feel calmer and happier, alleviating some of the more negative feelings of alcohol, so you’re ready to keep the good vibes flowing.

We hope you have a great time whipping up these CBD cocktails at home and unwinding. Enjoy!